English Tuition

Here at Mobile Tutors, our English tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet our quality standards. We have tutors who have achieved highly in their GCSE and A-Level English Literature and English Language who are currently completing their undergraduate studies. Not only do English tutors have an in-depth understanding of their subject area, they are also incredibly passionate about their subject. This passion is how our tutors are more than able to tutor across all levels. Our English tutors ensure that you are engaged within their lessons through using a variety of methods of teaching from the Socratic method to quizzes and timed essays!

Our specialised English tutors pride themselves in taking an individual approach to each student’s learning as we understand that each student’s needs are different – whether that be understanding how to structure an essay correctly or understanding how to master the art of close reading, our tutors have you covered!

What levels do we cover?

We cover all exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE / CAIE, WJEC.

How we help at each level


English at KS3 is compulsory but is also extremely important as it ensures you get a good foundation for your GCSE/IGCSE. Having a tutor for your KS3 studies will ensure you feel confident for GCSE English. Starting tuition at this stage is perfect, with as little as one hour per week, tuition can have a great impact on long term results. Tuition over a long period of time will compound to ensure all writing and analysis skills are in your long-term memory, so you are ready to take the GCSE with ease. 

Our tutors can assist by ensuring you are progressing in every aspect of your studies. Whether this is through helping understand the content or test preparations, we can help where it is most needed. For those students who want to be challenged further, our tutors can start to make a start on some GCSE level work in preparation for the years ahead.


English is a compulsory core subject that all students must take up to GCSE level. A pass in GCSE English is a minimum requirement for many jobs, apprenticeships, and university applications. At Mobile Tutors, we are adept in tutoring students who are struggling with GCSE English and need to be brought up to speed to ensure GCSE success. Alternatively, if the student requires that extra push in essay technique in order to hit the top grades, our tutors are equally as experienced in ensuring that the student is challenged.

AS & A-level ​

The difference between GCSE English and A-Level English can be immense and can, therefore, overwhelm many students. This is because the workload increases, the core texts become more challenging, and independent study becomes just as important as attending classes. However, here at Mobile Tutors, we are here to bridge the gap between GCSE and A-Level in order to ensure our students are prepared.

Our English tutors have achieved top grades at A-Level and have gone on to study English at undergraduate level which allows them to understand student needs and struggles through first-hand experience. Our team are aware of how to achieve the A/A* grade at A-Level and what it takes to excel.

Adult learner

Whichever level you wish you study as an adult learner, we have you covered. Adult learner requirements vary a great deal. We have adult learners who want to learn everything from the basics to A-level and some just needing help passing a few functional skills exams. Whatever your needs, we will make a unique programme to ensure you meet your goals in you specified deadline. We understand you may be in a rush to complete things, so we can work around this to ensure you get to pass what is needed. Alternatively, if you wish to study the GCSE or other qualifications, we can fully teach this from the basics to exam preparations and even assist you with private sitting.