Group Tuition

What is group tuition?

Group tuition is 3-4 students learning together in a class. At Mobile Tutors, we keep classes small to ensure each student in the class has the opportunity to ask questions. In addition, small classes mean each student receives the most tailored approach focussed on their needs and weak areas. Students are grouped in classes based on the subject, level of study and the exam board.

Group tuition works extremely well if you would like to study with a few friends. This is as you will likely all be studying the same qualification under the same exam board and may even need help on similar topics too.

Our group sessions are offered at your home from 6am – 11pm and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do group lessons take place?

Our group lessons take either online or at your home.

Online lessons work using an online whiteboard which is a shared screen in live time between you and your tutor. On the online whiteboard you will be able to see exactly what your tutor is writing (just like a lesson at school) and also be able to write on the whiteboard yourself. To allow communication with your tutor, we also use video/voice call (whichever you prefer) through a platform like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google meet.

The unique whiteboard and group call link are shared to everyone in the group and all students join when the lesson is scheduled. It couldn’t be simpler!