Maths Tuition

Here at Mobile Tutors, our maths tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet our quality standards. Many of our maths tutors have achieved 95%+ in their GCSE/ A-level Maths and further maths exams and therefore have in-depth knowledge to help you. Our unique and proven step-by-step approach to maths at every level results in our students succeeding. 

What levels do we cover?

We cover all exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE / CAIE, WJEC.

How we help at each level


Maths at KS3 is compulsory but is also extremely important as it ensures you get a good foundation for your GCSE/IGCSE. Having a tutor for your KS3 studies will ensure you feel confident for GCSE maths. Starting tuition at this stage is perfect, with as little as one hour per week, tuition can have a great impact on long term results. Tuition over a long period of time will compound to ensure all maths skills are in your long-term memory, so you are ready to take the GCSE with ease.  

Our tutors assist by ensuring you are progressing in every aspect of your studies. Whether this is through helping understand the content or test preparations, we can help where it is most needed. For those students who want to be challenged further, our tutors can make a start on some GCSE level work in preparation for the years ahead. 

Functional skills

For students studying functional skills qualifications, our tutors approach maths in a fun and methodical way. In addition, teaching at a pace that suits you makes concepts easy to grasp, especially if you are a beginner. We cover all entry levels, level 1 and level 2. Functional skills courses are a key part of many vocational courses and some apprenticeships. Functional skills courses are taught in many ways and awarded by several bodies. Our tutors know the functional skills qualifications inside out and by knowing your awarding body we can design a course that is tailored to your exam. 


Maths is a compulsory core subject that all students must take up to GCSE level. We understand every student has their own future aspirations and may not want to study maths further, however a pass in GCSE maths is a minimum requirement for many job roles, apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, and university applications.

Our maths tutors know the exams inside out and have unique methods to ensure you feel confident for the exams. Whether you are studying foundation or higher tier, we will help you get the best grades within your course. For those students who want to move from foundation to higher, a tutor can help with this and make the transition smooth. If you are struggling with the subject, we can help get you back on track. Our tutors know the perfect formula when it comes to acing your maths exams.

Further maths GCSE & Additional maths FSMQ

These courses are ideal for those students who want to be challenged beyond GCSE maths. Both are of a similar level of difficulty and give an introduction to some A-level topics. The difference between them is the qualification awarded. FSMQ stands for Free Standing Maths Qualification whereas the other is a GCSE. They are both respected qualifications, but successfully completing the FSMQ gives UCAS points which aid with getting into university and other courses.  Our tutors can fully teach additional maths FSMQ and further maths GCSE and assist you with sitting these exams privately, where your school may not give this option. These exams will not only prepare you for A-level maths but will also make you stand out as a candidate whether for university or other pathways.

AS & A-level

The jump from GCSE to A-Level can be overwhelming and many students struggle with maths due to the vast number of new concepts introduced. Here at Mobile Tutors, we focus on building the bridge between the two levels. We understand the challenges students face and have a step-by-step approach to each topic to make sure you are confident with all aspects of the course, whether that be core, statistics, or mechanics. Our tutors have tested and proven techniques to make sure you get the grades you desire. Whether you are struggling to keep up to pace with the course or finding it difficult, we have you covered!


We understand it is hard to find the right tutor for the IB maths course as it is not commonly taken in the UK. Our tutors have taught the IB programme before and know the course inside out. Whether you are a SL or HL candidate, we understand the challenges you face and have unique methods to ensure you get the highest marks possible. We have tutors that teach both the Analysis & Approaches course and the Applications & Interpretations course. Moreover, we understand there are many subjects to juggle when doing the IB, therefore we create a unique plan to work around this. You can rest assured that the maths element of your programme will be aced.

Adult learner

Whichever level you wish to study as an adult learner, we have you covered. Adult learner requirements vary a great deal. We have adult learners who want to learn everything from the basics to A-level and some just needing help to pass a few functional skills exams. Whatever your requirements, we will make a unique programme to ensure you achieve your goals within your specified deadline. We understand you may be in a rush to complete things, so we can work around this to ensure you get to pass what is needed. Alternatively, if you wish to study the GCSE or any other qualifications, we can fully teach this from the basics and even assist you with private sitting.